·        Classes will Start in our Back Lot and Pick-up will be at the Front Door.

·        ALL Participants are REQUIRED to wear a mask.        

·        We will be starting with a modified schedule, spreading small groups throughout the day, in small groups.

·        Athletes will have small designated bins to put their belongings in. You will not be permitted to use your lockers, or cubbies by the bathrooms at this time. Please limit the amount of things you are bringing into the gym.

·        No shoes on the gym floor.

·        No touch thermometer will be utilized upon entry to gym, along with health screening questions. 

·        Hand sanitizer will be administered upon entry and exit from the gym. Also, hand washing and hand sanitizer will be enforced when entering/exiting gym floor.

·        We will have sanitization stations spread throughout the gym for easy access. These will have hand sanitizer, disinfectant, and wipes.

·        There will be a 30 min time slot in between practice times, for coaches to disinfect equipment. We will be using disinfecting cleaner, as well as UV wands in order to disinfect surfaces that cannot be wet during the day.

·        Please limit 1 spectator per athlete if needed; if age permits please drop athlete off outside the entrance and have he or she use sidewalk to safely enter building. 

·        Staff is required to wash his or her hands in between rotations, as well as in between groups.

·        6 ft of distance in between stations 

·        No spotting unless needed for safety. 

·        All walkways, restrooms, and equipment will have markers to ensure athletes are able to stay 6 ft apart from each other.  

·        Commonly touched areas such as door handles will be cleaned frequently.

·        As recommended by the CDC, World Elite will be using a bleach mixture to effectively clean our facility every night.

·        WE ask that anyone experiencing symptoms of illness to stay home. If we suspect your athlete is ill, we will send them home.

·        No water fountain; athletes will need to bring in their personal water bottle at this time.

·        No eating practices. Please do not bring food in to the gym. 

·        Athletes are not permitted to come into the gym until the start of your allotted practice time. Please use social distance markings to stand on while waiting to enter the gym.