World Elite Gymnastics is owned by the Guo family who are well known in the arena of gymnastics in China. Patriarch Shuzeng Guo was the 1959 Chinese National Gymnastics All-Around Champion. Matriarch Huiqi Suo was 1960 Chinese National Gymnastics Beam Champion. Under their influence and strict training, their children all reached high levels of success in the sport as well.  The eldest son, Linsheng Guo was the 1985 and 1986 Chinese National Gymnastics All-Around Champion and was a member of the 10th Annual International Asia Games Silver Medal Team.  The second son, Linxian Guo was the 1989 National Gymnastics All-Around Champion, helped win a Silver Medal for Team at the 1989 World Gymnastics Championship, and was a member of the 1988 Chinese Olympic Team. Their daughter, Linhong Guo, claimed seven gold medals in 1982, including two Individual All-Around golds at two different International Invitational Championships.  The youngest son, Linyao Guo received gold medals for Team, Pommel Horse, Parallel Bars, and Individual All-Around at the 11th Annual International Asia Games in 1991, and was the 1991 Chinese National Gymnastics All-Around Champion.  He was also part of the 1992 Olympics Chinese Men's Gymnastics team which claimed the silver medal team,  and the gold medal team at 1994 World Artistic Gymnastics Team Championship.  World Elite RSM is currently operated by Linxian Guo and his wife, Huiying Wang, who was a member of the 1988 Olympic Women's Gymnastics team representing China.

World Elite, Rancho Santa Margarita, is also home to Olympic Trampolinist Logan Dooley, Double Mini World Champion Austin White, Olympic Trampoline Coach Robert Null, and many USA National Team Members. Awards include 2016 Elite Gym of the Year by USA Gymnastics Trampoline and Tumbling, and coach of the year honors for Robert Null, Peter Dodd, and Austin White.  Our Girls' team staff, under the direction of Head Coach Taylor Smith, has lead athletes to numerous State and Regional titles, and Western National qualifications. Our Collegiate focused training program has also had athletes participate in NCAA recruiting, with our first eligible graduating senior accepting a spot on a NCAA Division 1 team in 2019.  Girls' Team athletes have the unique ability to compete in both gymnastics and trampoline with World Elite. Many young ladies have found the dual track training to bring increased success in both sports.

Our recreational class coaches are trained to prepare children for their athletic endeavors and teach them to strive for success. We believe that all children should receive professional training to establish strong basic skills to help them achieve their dreams.  Recreational classes are taught with each athlete's interest and future in mind. Whether you are looking for preschool, developmental, recreational, or competitive Gymnastics, Trampoline, or Urban Acrobatics, World Elite Gymnastics has it all.